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Vehicle Tracking:

Our proven Fleet Management GPS tracking technology is compatible with many different types of devices; our engineers have invested several resources in pairing multiple brands of GPS devices with our software solution. We have our prefer vendors and recommended hardware that we have been integrating for many years but we also welcome your actual hardware devices to be connected with our platform.

Fleet Vehicles:

Startrack GPS Tracking System enables the owner to track all vehicles location, collecting data in the process from the ground and deliver it to the operation’s center, making management easier and more productive. No matter the size of your fleet, Startrack GPS Fleet Management Platform will have a solution to cover your request, including Temperature Sensor, Garmin Integration, Driver Identification, Automatic-Starter Disable and Doors Sensors among others. Our hardware solution is fully functional for all requests.


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Individual vehicles:

For both consumer and commercial vehicles, Global Positioning System (GPS) can be considering as theft prevention and retrieval device. Thinking on your family or company’s asset’s safety, Startrack provides REAL-TIME information about the location of your vehicles.

Either you are a car dealer or Buy Here Pay Here agency and/or a simple individual that wants to monitor your teenager, our industry proven GPS hardware will satisfy all your needs and let you add new features and sensors over time without changing the initial hardware.

Device: SYRUS II

  • Fully customizable intelligent reports including time, distance and heading deltas that will give high report tracking resolution.
  • Internal GPS and GSM antennas with high sensitivity and tracking resolution that allows simple and quick installations.
  • Input (3) / Output (2) capability to integrate with doors sensors, emergency buttons, trailer hitch /unhitch, ignition detection and remote starter disable.
  • Built in 3-axis accelerometer to collect data regarding aggressive driving and crash detection.
  • Internal back up battery for continues operation up to 16 hours of full tracking and/or 10 days with power management mode.
  • Internal buffer to save up to 12000 events in case of no cellular coverage.
  • Fully compatible with SMS interaction and friendly configurable SMS commands.
  • Quad (4) band GSM/GPRS coverage.