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Ground Services / Cable and Telecomm

It does not matter the size of your fleet. We understand the value of your asset and equipment and how difficult is your daily operations when multiple scheduling and dispatching of technicians to different locations, while minimizing cost and maintaining good customer service.
Startrack GPS Tracking System is the best way to track your asset and its performance on the field.

With Startrack GPS Tracking System, you can increase your profit, lower operations costs and increase savings in your daily basis process. For companies in Plumbing, Realty Visits, Cable and Telecomm, A/C maintenance, Locksmith, Pool Maintenance, Inspection Services, Pest control, House Cleaning, Property Preservation, Housing Repairs, Blinds and Flooring, General Maintenance and many more...
  • Alerts and Reports in Real Time will help you for better control of your assets.
  • Geo-Fencing for Assigned Areas
  • Link your payroll with your fleet performance
  • Accurate service / arrival time
  • Control Idle Time
  • Detail Daily Trip Reports
  • Monitoring your Drivers performance
  • Empower your Dispatching and Delivery operations.
  • Customize Routes for better services
  • Go GPS Tracking certified
  • Fuel consumption
  • Delivery Route Optimization
  • Monitor Unauthorized Route Deviations
  • Immediate response in case of accidents
  • Fuel Saving routing
  • Speed Limit Alerts
  • Pup-up Alerts for After-Hours Restriction
  • Geo-fencing Alerts for Out-of-Zone jobs
  • Ignition ON and OFF  Reports
  • Control your Time Sheet