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Geo-Fencing and Landmarks

Identify the areas that your vehicles or moving assets are or not allowed to be.

A Geo-Fence is a virtual perimeter for a specific area.
For commercial purposes, using Startrack platform you can easily select different types of Geo-fences (Round or Polygonal), set it up in the map and obtain real time information of events like Arriving-Departure dates and times per vehicle, or information about Near-by-Vehicles to an specific area (among others) in order to take better management decisions in a daily operation process.

For individual or particular purposes, Geo-Fencing for Child, Teenagers and Senior Care is a preventive tool when they leave a designated area.

Landmarks are also called "point of interest" and are special designated areas that have relevance with your daily operations; they can be parking lots, customer warehouse, customer delivery places, any reference point or important check points, client store, mechanic garage, etc...

You can also set Landmarks for School zones, doctor’s office, neighborhood perimeters, parks or activity centers.

These named Landmarks can also be used as a reverse-geocoding important place in any requested detail report. For instance you can monitor the time of a customer visit knowing exactly at what time they arrive and left and automatically calculating the visit duration to that specific place.

Assign rules or alerts to vehicles to be perform in / out these land marks.

Once all the land-marks are in place, users can assign special triggers and alerts to vehicles whenever they are in/out those point-of-interests. These alerts can be sent to internal users of the system or can also be sent to third party individuals with a custom message.

Example of an Email Geo-fence + Radius Alert:

Vehicle: PickUp GL450 (GL450) enteredGeofence:Base #1 (IEL) (dist: 139 mts) at 7:53 PM on 5/14/12 location:SW 15th Rd & S Miami Ave, Miami-Dade, Florida, USA driver: Plumber, Joe (3058785110). (25.75882,-80.19414).od2552 mi ign-on hrs:78

Custom Text Message to a third party person not user of the platform:
Mr. Mike Smith, your delivery is on its way arriving any minute. Please open the main gate so the track can enter.