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Fleet Management Reports:

Reduce Operating Expenses – Increase Productivity – Improve Customer Satisfaction

Startrack Fleet Management Platform provides you with different types of powerful analysis easy to set up reports to understand the performance of your fleet and help you take the necessary actions to reduce operating expenses, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Deatiled Event Report

Using this friendly and easy to set up report Startrack users can quickly identify any specific event sent by any vehicle on a period of time. For example you can identify the Engine Ignition ON of a vehicle or group of vehicles to control and define special situations that happen in the past. There are more than 50 configurable events to be included in this type of report such us: Engine Ignition Off / On, Input switch On / Off, Aggressive Driving, Low back up Battery, Back Up battery charged, Speed Limit Violation, GPS antenna disconnected / connected, SIM card In  / Out, Probable Crash, Main Power Source Disconnected, etc….

Example of an Email alert for Aggressive Driving:

PickUp GL450 (GL450) reported Aggressive Driving at East West Expy& Spring Garden Rd, Miami-Dade, Florida, USA at 8:42 AM on 5/17/12 driver:Plumber, Joe (3058785210). (25.78598,-80.21389).od2735 mi ign-on hrs:81

Custom Text Message:
You are receiving this alert because your vehicle shows Aggressive Driving behavior.... please make sure you keep safety conditions and slow down.

Trip & Trips Report

There are different parameters that users can set up to configure your daily trips to be shown in the Startrack platform depending on their specific needs:
  • Day Trips – Each day will be one trip.
  • Engine OFF Trips – Every time there is a Engine Off there will be a trip.
  • Stopped Time – Set up a stop time up to 3600 sec to cut trips.
  • Pre-assign Route Trips – New trip every time the vehicle finish a route.
  • Entering or Leaving Point of Interest – Special for delivery service vehicles.
  • Once these parameters as pre-set by the user according to their special needs the Trips Report will show Total Distance, Total Moving Time, Total Stopped Time and Estimated Fuel Consumption for a vehicle or group of vehicles selected in a specific period of time including the complete trip detail. These reports can be view online and/or downloaded to .xls file for further analysis or integration with any other software solution.

    Also the Trip Report will inform the detail information about a specific trip including Start to End Date / Time, Start Odometer, Start Location and total distance & time travel by trip. It is very useful for payroll purposes and getting explicit information of each trip for further analysis including all the alerts generated in that particular trip.

    Stops &Idle Report

    Controlling and reducing Idle and non-authorize stops is the most important variable to optimize gas consumption.  By saving 15 minutes per driver per day at $25 per hour you realize savings of $1,625 annually.  Fuel management reduces fuel consumption assuming a 10% savings on a vehicle average 10MPG for 50,000 annual miles at $3.50 per gallon, the savings will be approximately $1,750 per year.


    Using Startrack Stops & Idle Reports you can run the reports selecting the type of stop for each vehicle or group of vehicles including: all stops, only engine running stops, engine off stops and / or trip end stops in order to calculate the amount of time your fleet is idling and burning gas.

    Dispatchers can check the amount of trigger alerts a specific driver has received for “idling events” and compare them with others in order to take management decisions and incentive good drivers habits that will result in fuel savings.

    Point of Interest Visit Report

    Special design for fleets that have to deliver goods in specific know places that are already landmarks and/or point of interest; this report will show you the arrival date & time, departure date & time and visit duration in that specific important place for your business that can be a customer warehouse, client parking lot or third party pick-up store. Using this report you can determine how much time your vehicles spend inside a specific point of interest.


    Trigger Alerts Report

    With Startrack you can alert either internal user of the system and/or external user that have no login credentials; this is useful to send customize alerts messages to customers, clients or any third party that will need to be aware of any specific event. Alerts can be trigger either via email, SMS and/or pop-up alert in the platform main screen. Using the Trigger Alert Reports you can know the who, when, how and what type of alert was sent together with an alert count to determine if users are taking advantage of those alerts. Alerts can be set-up to request a mandatory comment before deleting the alert.


    Day Summary Report

    Easy to analyze report of the day or period of time fleet performance including travel distance, amount of trips cover depending on the pre-defined trip criteria, average moving speed, max speed, engine On time and estimated fuel consumption by travel distance in the selected period of time.


    Location by Date Report

    Want to know if your vehicles have visited a specific landmark in the past and for how long? Want to solve any dispute if one of your drivers has visited a particular place in a given time frame? Location by Date Report is the fastest way to know where your vehicles have been. No matter if you have not created the designated landmark…. Just need to create the specific landmark and run the report to check if the vehicle has visited or not that specific place.


    User Logins Report & Trace Log

    Know who and when auser is entering to the system and keep track of all changes done by that user. Simple way to managed and control user interaction with the system.


    Unit Status Report

    The fastest way to view a complete snapshot of the fleet operation; is using the Unit Status Report. You will get the summary of your fleet operation including: devices with communication problems, GPS signal complications, excessive data consumption issues together with a detail information regarding vehicle last communications status, last position direction (LAT / LON), last event information together with date & time.