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Fleet performance reports:

Identify problems today and Prioritize corrective actions for tomorrow.

Startrack offers powerful Easy-to-Read customized tracking reports that can be filter by date, time and vehicles. Improve your fleet performance on specific time-periods events.

Managers can schedule and programmed Reports and Alerts, that will be send by email (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and easy to download on excel files for data analysis.

  • Route Optimization
  • Speed Violations
  • Idle Times
  • Travel Time (Engine Time)
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Detailed Stops
  • Mileage
  • Schedule Reports and Alerts: (send by email daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

    Detailed Report: The ideal fleet report. With several parameters to use as filters for a powerful report.

    Friendly Users Reports:  All reports are generated in a friendly basis and very easy to read.

    Download all reports in Excel: for better use of the information, you can download all reports into an Excel format and use its tools such as charts, tables, formulas and more.