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Improve Driving Behavior

The modified behavior translates directly into less accident, lower insurance costs and less vehicle and driver down time.

Safety is not only for the vehicle. Safety is also for your driver.
Speeding alerts and driving reports can help our customer to prevent unsafe driving minimizing critical situations for your fleet and your company.

  • Speed Limits Alerts
  • Aggressive Driving Alerts
  • Route Replay
  • Hour-of-service Report

  • Lower Insurance Cost

    Insurance companies are aware of the huge benefits of vehicle monitoring devices.

    Startrack helps lower your company's insurance premiums by monitoring your assets against theft and managing your fleet drivers for unsafe practices like speeding or aggressive driving. As simple as mention Startrack GPS Tracking System, you will immediately qualify for a discount up to 20% of your insurance premium. (The majority of the Insurances Companies call it anti-theft GPS tracking system)

    “Safety in the trucking industry has greatly improved while operating under the current hours-of-service rules. Over the past 5 years we’ve seen a strong decline in truck-involved crashes on our nation’s highways.”
    ATA President and CEO Bill Graves