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Child, Teenagers  and Senior Care

When you are not around, is when you think more on those who you really love, and knowing your child is safe it’s a must.

We understand how difficult is, for people with a regular-basis jobs, to keep an eye constantly on their children or on grandpa or grandma.
Teenagers are constantly in motion and they always want to be away from home.
Children and Seniors, always involve a big responsibility when you take them out of home. With Startrack Tracking System, you will always know the REAL TIME POSITION.
  • Monitor Schools field trips
  • Monitor nanny’s out-of-home walks
  • Immediate response when losing a children in a Mall or a park
  • Real time teenagers daily whereabouts
  • Alerts for Arrivals Home-school, or School-home
  • Geo-fencing for Teenagers and Seniors (Safety Zones)